About Us

The Western Australian Shepherd Obedience Club (WASOC) was  formed in 2010 by a committed group of Australian Shepherd Obedience enthusiasts with a strong desire to see additional venues for Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) Obedience, Rally and Scent Discrimination. Our members have all earned multiple titles in these performance events, in addition to showing in conformation and other registry competitions.

With our combined experience and love of the Australian Shepherd we feel that our members can truly demonstrate the versatility of our wonderful breed. ASCA performance events are open to other breeds and mixed breeds.  We gladly welcome all dog owners and handlers to compete in our trials, and matches, which are held throughout Northern California and Nevada. Many events also allow same day entry!

If you are interested in membership in WASOC, please email us at  wasocinfo@yahoo.com

WASOC Officers for 2024

  • President:  Cindy Ruth
  • Vice President:  Rick Anderson
  • Secretary:  Michele Freitas
  • Treasurer: Debbie Voelker
  • Board of Directors:
    Bernita Creech
    Martha Ho
    Woujie Mailer
  • Affiliate Rep:  Kitty Norwood